The Do’s and Don’ts of Data Backup

The Do’s and Don’ts of Data Backup


From the acceptance of the PC into the business and home environments, the issue of backing up data has gone from an afterthought to an essential part of computing. If you are wondering why data backup could have ever been an afterthought, the reason is that in the early days of computing responsible users would have a paper document supporting their most critical data. So if there was any type of computer failure there was a way to retrieve the data with only a minimal loss of time.


Today, most people depend on the computer for the storage and retrieval of a vast majority of their data, making data backup not just critical, but essential. So there is a lot we can learn from those early days and establish some essential do’s and don’ts of data backup.


1) Do backup early and backup often – Each person must decide how much they trust their network or personal software to perform daily backups. Some people prefer to backup manually for reasons of limited disk space or over-redundancy. Whichever method you choose, make sure you have a regular schedule and stick to it. When in doubt, back it up.


2) Do recognize that data backup systems are not perfect – This means that you need to check on the backup periodically to ensure no file corruption or other error has resulted in your data not being backed up. A power surge or short term power failure that goes unnoticed may have you believing a backup has occurred when it actually has not. The more critical your data, the more often the backup should be checked – either manually or through automated software.


3) Don’t take automated backups for granted – Automation is not yet at the point where we can relax and presume everything has gone as expected. The point of automation is to make our jobs and repetitive tasks easier, not take complete responsibility for the tasks. Yelling at your computer software will in most cases not get an intelligent response, so while using software to schedule regular data backups is a great idea, check on it once a month or so to make sure the settings are in order and that it is performing the tasks you assigned it to do.


4) Do buy a UPS system for essential data backup – A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) can be a data saver and save you from a lot of headaches. Connecting a UPS to your computer and/or backup system will ensure that in the event of a short term power interruption your computer will complete the backup. You do not have to spend $10,000 unless your backups span several hours. You can get about 15 – 20 minutes of extra power for around $100.


5) Avoid redundancy – This is one of those do’s that is relative to the user. The average home user will not likely want to have 24 copies of their iTunes collection. In contrast, an accounting or legal firm may want to be so redundant as to be annoying. So, it depends. Most users will want a certain amount of redundancy, especially if they are keeping records for legal reasons or will have to spend a substantial amount of money to replace data that has been lost (such as a converted DVD collection.



As years pass by, the technological times are changing and most if not all individuals need to keep up with the speed at which the change is occurring. Ignorance is bliss and there several myths associated with the use of multimedia. These include:

The largest image that can be supported by the oracle database is 1mb -This is gravely misleading as there are digital photos that are over 2GB in size that can be uploaded on the Window and Linux. For the videos, there are those that are over 20GB and have been successfully uploaded without causing any issue on the oracle database.

The file system is a simpler location to manage the multimedia -A file is difficult to store and secure in the file system. Consider a situation whereby an individual has deleted or renamed an image, it`s difficult to find it in the file. However in the database such issues do not exist whatsoever. In addition to that, if there are large amounts of files stored in the file system and one requires agitating through and search for a specific file, this process would be slow hence inefficient. The file system contains only one way in which to categories the files available while in the database there is multi- dimensional existence hence it`s easier , fast and more efficient to search for particular flies desired.

Database is relation-ally designed -Relational is only proved mathematically and only works for the structured data. However 90% of is unstructured hence this concept doesn`t apply at all. An example is that of foreign keys which do not make sense with the unstructured data at all.

It`s difficult to work with the database-This is a thought by most individuals. However, users should be encouraged to work out of their comfort zones and work with the new technology. It requires one to adapt the new concepts and abandon the old ones .It takes times time to learn but once the concept is grasped, its really easy to use.

There is no such thing as clean data- As much as high-quality data is being input into the computer; it may contain some data error which is normal.

File systems are the best to manage available files -These file systems contain any restrictions in them. However databases do not contain restrictions and use roles which can be granular. Databases can`t restrict access to categorized files but if the data is stored in a database a particular file can be separated and hence the individual can limit.

The user cannot recover images when stored in the database- This is actually possible as oracle works with all the data no just the relational. All the data is treated equally. When on stores data in its unstructured form it can be fully recovered in the database. I this case no files or data is lost in the process of recovery in the database.





A USB drive is a portable memory drive that is versatile since it is used in many industries in the world. Despite its obvious popularity, USB flash drives are still a mystery to many people. One of the obvious mystery facts about USB flash drives is their lifecycle. Let’s take a look at some of the other mystery facts about USB flash drives.

l Origin of “Drive”

The word drive originates from the traditional hard drive which had moving parts. SSDs don’t have moving parts and that applies to the USB flash drive. The one feature that makes it have the word “Drive” is the way that data is stored and retrieved. The way the data is written and read uses the same system commands that traditional hard drives.

l Wi-fi connectivity

It is quite common to hear that a computer can’t connect to a cable internet connection. The constant movement to the internet room just to make sure that your computer connects is depressing. The solution to this can be using a USB Wi-Fi enabled flash drive. The flash drive will connect to any available Wi-Fi as long as the signal is good. When you connect this flash drive to your computer, it will be able to connect your computer to the internet.

l Bootable operating system

Most people don’t know that with only a USB flash drive you can be able to boot a computer so that it has a new operating system. When your computer crashes, you can easily boot a new operating system into it or better you can partition your computer internal memory so that you have different operating systems on different hard drives of your computer.

l Lifespan

The number of times you use your USB flash drive determines the lifespan of your flash drive. Most USB flash drives have a lifespan of between 10,000 and 100,000 uses. Whenever you write and read into the flash drive, you use one of the ‘uses’ of the flash drive. Issues of manufacture defects may make the life span of the flash drive reduce.

l Security

This is one of the feature that most people don’t know about a USB flash drive. Most flash drives don’t have a security feature when you buy them but they have a feature whereby you can install a security software into the USB flash drive so as to increase its security. This can be so that no authorized people can access the data in the flash drive.

How To Prevent Losing Personal Data On Your Digital Devices – What’s The Answer?

How To Prevent Losing Personal Data On Your Digital Devices –

What’s The Answer?


A lot of people feel real bad when their digital device ends up losing all of its personal data. It doesn’t matter if it is a computer or a smartphone. The feeling of impact and loss is the same thing. Therefore, the best offense is a good defense from day one, and learning how to prevent the situation is the best route to choose and go from the get go. With all of this said, how to prevent losing personal data on your digital devices, what’s the answer here? The answer is this. Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did.

The very first tip to give here is this. If you want to prevent any form of personal data loss from the beginning, you need to do one thing, and that is to prevent it as best you can. How does one do this? The answers given will be dependent on the type of digital device that you do have specifically. However, the motivation is the same, and this motivation is to protect said device from suffering any form of major personal data loss on it.

One of the most important of all ways to keep your personal data safe and secure online is clear. You need to know exactly who it is at all times you are sharing your sensitive information with on the internet. You can both store and dispose of your personal information very securely. These are some of the ways to do it. They are:

*Be highly alert and on your guard against any impersonators

Do make sure you know at all times, exactly who it is, that is getting access to your most personal of all personal information or financial data. Never give out personal information over a phone, by regular mail, or by some form of communication via the internet such as emails are. Do not give out any personal data to anyone, anywhere, unless you are the one who has initiated the contact first with them. You should always know exactly who it is you are dealing with, if you don’t, then you don’t need to be communicating and exchanging your most precious of information with them. Simple as that.


*Make sure to safely dispose of personal information on a computer

If you decide to get rid of your existing computer, because you are buying a brand new one, you need to first erase all of the information that is presently on it. The best way to do this is by using a form of wipe utility program to overwrite the whole hard drive.

If you have a smartphone or other form of cellular device, and are about to buy a new one, you need to make sure that the old one has had its information deleted from it as well. This is the proper way to dispose of a mobile device that contains all of your most sensitive of personal data on it. You need to read the owner’s manual or visit the service provider’s website to learn how to do this the right way. They can offer the option to delete all of the existing personal information entirely or to assist in transferring all existing personal data from the old mobile device to the brand new one.

It is indeed possible to prevent personal data loss from happening on your most important of all digital devices. You are the person who makes this process happen, and for it, to happen successfully. If you do it right, the first time, it should ensure protecting you from losing your personal data every time.








How to Settle and Get Rid of Lawless Elements for Good

How to Settle and Get Rid of Lawless Elements for Good



Although it should sound as a child’s play, most police and criminals would play hide and obtain simply because they need bother finding the situation of the perpetrator. However with the assistance of bound knowledgeable corporations, this won’t be such a bother in any respect.



Some criminals and dangerous parts may be arduous to find. Perhaps as a result thereof, they’re already associate professional in doing so most police do have hassle in attempting to seek out their locations. It’s not that the police do lack in physical exertion their power however it’s going to be attributable to their voluminous work that they’ll be unable to try to catch some dangerous parts which will be at loose in society. It’s of this reason that Criminal Investigations is being employed thus on aid the police in seeking the culprit or the wrongdoer. These also will additional the case towards determining who the suspect is.

Currently, there’s an increasing demand why folks area unit currently hiring personal detectives. This can be primarily as a result of folks area unit currently additional accustomed experiencing convenience and advantage therefore they require somebody do to the investigative job for them. a similar holds true for the system through hiring Insurance Investigations. Even the workers within the legal department consider hiring them so they’ll fancy the help of providing criminal fact-finding services. These agencies even give over simply criminal investigation services because it conjointly renders fact-finding services for insurance or different functions. Moreover, this can be conjointly to make sure that when associate insurance firm processes for claim, such are going to be thought of valid and legal.

In bound insurance cases, there are times that individuals would make the most of matters. Thus should insured folks file for claim on unwarranted grounds. To be even precise, an individual files for claim owing to fireplace in their house whereby the fireplace case isn’t very true the least bit. Thus, it’s the work of the Insurance Investigations urban center that may facilitate validate such claims. Insurance Investigations ensure the required investigation done so such claim is also valid.


Indeed, every of the crime scene investigation will tell a story and every of associate claim could tell a false story. The way to uncover this story essentially lies within the hand of insurance Criminal Investigations. The investigator’s ability to rigorously scrutinize and analyze each detail flow the crime scene event is crucial to unravel the case.

Reduce the human effort; use computer software

Every invention in the world has an impact on human lifestyle.  Without the effort of the scientist, we might live the life of people in the Stone Age. There are many scientists in the human history has a huge role in the development of human lifestyle.   The computer is one such invention in the world.   The lifestyles of the people are drastically changed after the invention of computers.  Everything becomes handy by the computers.   It plays an important role in every profession in the world.   There is no limited in use computers.  The human effort is highly reduced by the computers.

computer repair

         The number of people using the computers is highly increased in this century. The operating systems of the computer become user-friendly.  The availability of computers is the society is increased by the user interface of the operating systems.   Computer programming is the signature job of the people in this century.  There are many languages available for computers such as Java, Python, Smalltalk, Fortran etc.  Wide ranges of people are showing interest in learning the computer programming language. Computer programming is nothing but the writing the source code that can be compiled by the computing system in order to perform the required task.

         Every profession in the world is entirely different from each other. The effort that people have to take is also differs.   In order to reduce the human effort in all the sectors, computer software has been introduced in the market.   This software is created using the computer software.  Most of the software is regularly updating in order to improve the performance.

       There are many institutions and software are available in the society. If you are interested in doing programming and coding in computes, learn them properly. Wide range of employment oppurtunites is available in the society for the computer programmer.   In order to be a successful computer programmer, the programmer must have good imagination skills.  Finding the real time problem of the software will helps you to develop the software.  There are many people in the world are writing the reviews for the software. Give importance to their review.   Do not try to follow the recent trend among the people while creating new software. Instead of them, work on the needs of the people.  The chance of reaching is people are high by doing so.  Unique software is being trend setter in the history of Software and applications.  The software you create must be user-friendly.

Explore the features of Apple Mac products

As the world is going beyond the innovative technologies and the latest electronic products, the computers are getting huge reputation amidst the people. Well, there are different brands of computer systems available in the market, but people who want to buy the reliable and superior performance system, mostly choose to go with the Apple computers. Yes, Apple is the ultra modern brand which is having outstanding features among the other brands.

computer repair

Features of Mac OS

The Apple products, especially the personal computers are operating with the operating system called Mac. Well, Apple has created the expansive applications that come with the Mac OX to give you the fully rounded computer life at home and even in the office.

Supporting other software – Mac can support the other king of the applications too. In that way, you can see the Microsoft applications like Office 2008 is also available in Mac version. So, this can enable you to continue using the files without dump them.

One of the greatest benefits that the Apple Macbook has the different operating system called OS X and it has the least chance of getting viruses than other kinds of the operating systems like Windows.

Another distinctive aspect of the MAC computers is that they can run both the Mac OS X and in Windows.  This means that with these computers, you can run both types of the programs.

Excellent aspects of Apple Macbook

  • The Apple Macbook is having the stylish and sleek design which is mainly made for getting entertained in the trendy model.
  • Macbook can easily be connected with all kinds of the Apple devices like iPods, iPhones and more.
  • They are coming with the excellent entertainment programs and features like iMovie, iDVD and more.
  • Apple also makes sure to give the new updates to ensure your Mac OS to run smoothly to fix the bugs or any problems in the system.
  • The battery life of this particular Apple Mac notebook is so adorable and it can last up to 10 hours. So, you need not to recharge frequently.
  • Most of the Macbook are releasing with the splendid graphics which can allow you to enjoy the games and search so faster.

Since the Apple Macbook is offering the excellent kinds of the features, it is extremely great for business, gaming, students and even for the basic use.