As years pass by, the technological times are changing and most if not all individuals need to keep up with the speed at which the change is occurring. Ignorance is bliss and there several myths associated with the use of multimedia. These include:

The largest image that can be supported by the oracle database is 1mb -This is gravely misleading as there are digital photos that are over 2GB in size that can be uploaded on the Window and Linux. For the videos, there are those that are over 20GB and have been successfully uploaded without causing any issue on the oracle database.

The file system is a simpler location to manage the multimedia -A file is difficult to store and secure in the file system. Consider a situation whereby an individual has deleted or renamed an image, it`s difficult to find it in the file. However in the database such issues do not exist whatsoever. In addition to that, if there are large amounts of files stored in the file system and one requires agitating through and search for a specific file, this process would be slow hence inefficient. The file system contains only one way in which to categories the files available while in the database there is multi- dimensional existence hence it`s easier , fast and more efficient to search for particular flies desired.

Database is relation-ally designed -Relational is only proved mathematically and only works for the structured data. However 90% of is unstructured hence this concept doesn`t apply at all. An example is that of foreign keys which do not make sense with the unstructured data at all.

It`s difficult to work with the database-This is a thought by most individuals. However, users should be encouraged to work out of their comfort zones and work with the new technology. It requires one to adapt the new concepts and abandon the old ones .It takes times time to learn but once the concept is grasped, its really easy to use.

There is no such thing as clean data- As much as high-quality data is being input into the computer; it may contain some data error which is normal.

File systems are the best to manage available files -These file systems contain any restrictions in them. However databases do not contain restrictions and use roles which can be granular. Databases can`t restrict access to categorized files but if the data is stored in a database a particular file can be separated and hence the individual can limit.

The user cannot recover images when stored in the database- This is actually possible as oracle works with all the data no just the relational. All the data is treated equally. When on stores data in its unstructured form it can be fully recovered in the database. I this case no files or data is lost in the process of recovery in the database.