A USB drive is a portable memory drive that is versatile since it is used in many industries in the world. Despite its obvious popularity, USB flash drives are still a mystery to many people. One of the obvious mystery facts about USB flash drives is their lifecycle. Let’s take a look at some of the other mystery facts about USB flash drives.

l Origin of “Drive”

The word drive originates from the traditional hard drive which had moving parts. SSDs don’t have moving parts and that applies to the USB flash drive. The one feature that makes it have the word “Drive” is the way that data is stored and retrieved. The way the data is written and read uses the same system commands that traditional hard drives.

l Wi-fi connectivity

It is quite common to hear that a computer can’t connect to a cable internet connection. The constant movement to the internet room just to make sure that your computer connects is depressing. The solution to this can be using a USB Wi-Fi enabled flash drive. The flash drive will connect to any available Wi-Fi as long as the signal is good. When you connect this flash drive to your computer, it will be able to connect your computer to the internet.

l Bootable operating system

Most people don’t know that with only a USB flash drive you can be able to boot a computer so that it has a new operating system. When your computer crashes, you can easily boot a new operating system into it or better you can partition your computer internal memory so that you have different operating systems on different hard drives of your computer.

l Lifespan

The number of times you use your USB flash drive determines the lifespan of your flash drive. Most USB flash drives have a lifespan of between 10,000 and 100,000 uses. Whenever you write and read into the flash drive, you use one of the ‘uses’ of the flash drive. Issues of manufacture defects may make the life span of the flash drive reduce.

l Security

This is one of the feature that most people don’t know about a USB flash drive. Most flash drives don’t have a security feature when you buy them but they have a feature whereby you can install a security software into the USB flash drive so as to increase its security. This can be so that no authorized people can access the data in the flash drive.